Published Works . . .
Published Works . . .
As a long-time member of the New York State Bar Association's prestigious Committee on Courts of Appellate Jurisdiction, Mr. Schulz has frequently moderated and spoken
at Appellate Practice CLE programs in New York. Each course book published by the Bar Association contains his useful and authoritative outlines on the subjects of  Preservation of Error, Judicial Notice, and Harmless Error."

Mr. Schulz is a Revision Author for Matthew Bender & Co.'s "New York Appellate Practice," the leading text on this subject in New York.  He has completely rewritten, revised and updated Chapter 2 ("Preservation of Error") and Chapter 4 ("Scope of Review") for this text.

He is a regular columnist on the subject of Appellate Practice for upstate New York's leading legal newspaper, "The Daily Record," published by The Daily Record, Rochester, New York.  Some of these columns can be found in PDF form by clicking on the following links:
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